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#286 Careers Expo Presenter Profile: Dr Brendan Condon

Dr Brendan Condon will be presenting at the Medical Careers Expo on behalf of South West Healthcare. He helps medical students and junior doctors to develop their skills and find their path through medical training.

#285 Careers Expo Presenter Profile: Prof Judy Savige

AMA Victoria’s 2021 Medical Careers Expo empowers medical students and early career doctors with insight, knowledge and connections for a medical career. Prof Judy Savige will be presenting on behalf of the RACP.

15-minute Leader/Manager check-in

The Leader/Manager Check-In is a benefit of your AMA Victoria membership and takes the form of a 15-minute phone or zoom coaching conversation with one of our experienced leadership & professional coach.

Leadership coaching consult

This coaching engagement is designed to provide real time coaching in a role. You can use it as an introductory way to engage with a leadership issue or as a follow up session to a program.

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