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2017-2018 State Budget Submission

2017-2018 State Budget Submission

Our Recommendations

  1. Provide funding to undertake medical workforce planning.
  2. Provide funding to ensure Victorian doctors can complete their necessary training requirements. In particular, increase the number of medical intern, residency and registrar training positions (including at rural/regional hospitals).
  3. Provide funding to ensure all public hospitals are appropriately resourced to enable doctors to undertake teaching, training, quality assurance and research pursuits.
  4. Provide funding to AMA Victoria to train the state’s medical workforce on bullying, discrimination and harassment, leadership, management, and communication skills.
  5. Provide funding for the 2017 Victorian public hospitals doctors’ EBA, including parity in wages and conditions with other Australian States and Territories.
  6. Provide ongoing funding to the Victorian Doctors’ Health Program (VDHP).
  7. Provide funding to implement electronic secure messaging across Victoria’s health IT infrastructure, including integration with existing specialty IT, and resources to train users.
  8. Provide significant funding to address the widespread shortages and inadequacies across the state’s mental health sector.
  9. Provide increased funding for community palliative and end of life care services.
  10. Provide funding to AMA Victoria for the development of an online resource on family violence legal and social support services. 
  11. Provide funding for overweight and obesity health services (including bariatric surgery in public hospitals, the establishment of obesity clinics, and the promotion of diet and exercise).
  12. Provide funding to improve opiate addiction services, including the establishment of public multidisciplinary clinics in regional areas. Timely access to multidisciplinary pain management services in public settings is also necessary to reduce opiate addiction rates in Victoria.
  13. Provide funding to increase residential alcohol and drug treatment services (targeting ice addiction) and introduce a regulatory framework for private residential drug rehabilitation programs.
  14. Provide funding for additional capacity in the state’s drug treatment services to respond to patients with problem drinking and to deliver early intervention responses. 

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