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Fringe Benefits Tax

6 November 2015

The Government is introducing the Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment (2015 Measures No. 5) into the House of Representatives next week. The amendments will cap “meals entertainment” to $5000 per annum grossed up.  AMA has lobbied to stop these proposed changes: while the AMA is not opposed to legislative review in this area, the cap is too low and hospital staff should be compensated for loss of benefits. 

We now need your help.

We encourage all public hospital doctors  to raise this matter with their local Senator by using one of the below template letters (Word documents).

Step 1: Choose one of the template letters below and alter as you see fit. Alternatively, you may wish to write your own letter.

Step 2: Follow this link to identify your local Senator

Follow the prompts by entering in either your postcode or Victoria. Remember to tick the Senator box (not Member).

Step 3: Select the Senator(s) you wish to contact. Some Senators with have an email tab that you can select (it looks like a white envelope), others will have a "Contact" tab. Once selected, copy and paste (or attach) your Fringe Benefits Tax letter.

Remember to include the Senator's name and also your name and contact details in the letter.

These emails/letters must be send to Senators as a matter of urgency if there is to be any chance of change.

For any queries, please contact Geoff O'Kearney, Director of Workplace Relations, geoffo@amavic.com.au.

DOWNLOAD: Fringe Benefits Tax - Doctors in Training template >>

DOWNLOAD: Fringe Benefits Tax - generic template >>

DOWNLOAD: Fringe Benefits Tax - Senior Medical Specialists template >>


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