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State Election 2014

Road to the State Election: commitments made to date

The November 29 Victorian State Election is fast approaching and the major parties have now released multiple health policies and promises.

AMA Victoria has prepared an overview of all the election commitments made to date by the ALP, Coalition and Greens against AMA Victoria’s key priorities. Download (pdf).

AMA Victoria has also prepared an overview of the Coalitions key policy commitments in 2010 and their key actions undertaken in Government. Download (pdf).

Each announcement is hyperlinked to the relevant press release to enable you to access more information on the announcements. Both these documents will be updated as further announcements are made over the coming week.

Remember - If you are unable to get to a polling booth on Election Day you can vote at an early voting centre until Friday 28th November.

AMA Victoria's State Election Manifesto

Download here (pdf).

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