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Federal Budget 2014 - 2015

AMA Victoria opposes this model of  co-payments.


This not a “patient contribution” – this is a tax.

This will not make Medicare sustainable – this will end Australia’s much envied, irreplaceable and brilliant universal healthcare system.

This will not stop unnecessary visits – this will result in vulnerable patients deferring medical treatment.

This will not make everyone pay their share – this will create a two-tiered, American-style health system.

This will affect every Australian, as not only is it the end of bulk-billing, it is also a reduction to the Medicare rebate.

Read more about the health implications arising from the most recent Federal Budget announcement in the documents below. You can also follow AMA Victoria's #StopTheCoP social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

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Download these resources for more information.

Implementation of co-payments for GP, pathology and diagnostic imaging services: Fact Sheet (PDF)
Changes to PBS co-payment and safety net arrangements: Fact Sheet (PDF)
Changes to Medicare Safety Net: Fact Sheet (PDF)
Loss of Bulk Billing incentive: Fact Sheet (PDF)
Explaining the co-payment to patients: Fact Sheet (PDF)
Changes to Private Health Insurance Rebates and Medicare Surcharge Levy: Fact Sheet (PDF)
Freeze on Medicare Rebates: Fact Sheet (PDF)
Co-payment information for practice managers: Fact Sheet (PDF)
Medical Research Future Fund: Fact Sheet (PDF)


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