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AMA Victoria’s 10 Minimum Standards for Communication between Health Services and General Practitioners and other Treating Doctors

The co-ordination of patient health care requires adequate and timely communication between all medical and health professionals providing care to the patient.  Without effective communication during transfer of care practices, the risk of adverse events and avoidable re-admissions can increase.

The AMA Victoria Section of General Practice has worked to produce the 10 Minimum Standards.  AMA Victoria is proud to share this document with you.

The 10 Minimum Standards will drive discussion between Department of Health and Human Services Victoria, public and private hospitals, General Practitioners and other doctors to reduce risk and inefficiencies, and improve patient outcomes.

In addition to the 10 Minimum Standards, a scorecard will be developed in consultation with health services to measure implementation, track and report on the uptake.  

Good communication practices must occur between all treating health practitioners at all stages of the patient journey.  Through commitment to these standards, and evaluation of current practices, real change can be achieved. 

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