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Peer Visitor Program

About the Peer Visitor Program

Do you know a retired doctor who is isolated or living in residential aged care who would benefit from being visited by one of our volunteers? 

The Peer Visitor Program aims to link retired elderly doctors who may be isolated or living in a residential care facility with a volunteer visitor who is also a medical practitioner. The volunteer will undertake to visit the elderly doctor on a regular basis and provide companionship.

For those living in Residential Care the service will be provided in conjunction with the existing Community Visitors Scheme in your area. For those living at home the visitor will be provided through AMA Victoria.

Consent must be provided by the doctor wishing to be visited or those nominated to provide consent on their behalf.

If you are interested in being visited or know someone who may benefit from the program and would like to know more please contact Kay Dunkley on Wednesdays on (03) 9280 8738 or by email on

Volunteering for the Peer Visitor Program

AMA Victoria would like to announce the commencement of its Peer Visitor Program. This program aims to provide companionship to retired elderly doctors, who may be isolated or living in residential aged care. The companion would be a regular visitor who is also a doctor.

The program is being developed in conjunction with the Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) and all volunteers will be provided with ongoing support and training from both AMA Victoria and CVS. If you would like to find out more about the program please fill in and return the expression of interest form or contact Kay Dunkley on Wednesdays on (03) 9280 8738 or by email on

This is an ideal volunteer role for doctors who have a good rapport with older people and who need to fit volunteering around a busy schedule.

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