Wakelin Property Advisory

Wakelin Property Advisory finds and negotiates the purchase of the highest quality residential property in Melbourne for their clients to invest in. They use the Wakelin Approach, a 7-step process designed to find the best 5 per cent of properties for investment.
The 7 steps to the Wakelin Approach are:

  1. Undertake a client needs analysis
  2. Search the whole market and shortlist suitable property
  3. Assess the shortlist and rate location and building style
  4. Apply due diligence on shortlisted property including a building inspection, contract of sale, current and potential rental income, and projected capital growth
  5. Set a price limit for the target property
  6. Negotiate/bid for the property on the client’s behalf
  7. Schedule an annual review of a client’s portfolio.

AMA Victoria members are eligible to receive a AMA Vic member discounted VIP rate for Wakelin Property Advisory’s:

The AMA Victoria discounted VIP rate has been set after an agreement between AMA Victoria and Wakelin Property Advisory. For more information and to claim the AMA Victoria members VIP rate, visit


Streets Ahead Bus Tour - 21 April

Want a guided tour of investment-grade property from the pre-eminent buyer agent in Melbourne? Hop aboard the Streets Ahead Bus Tour of Melbourne Investment Property.

Let Wakelin Property Advisory, Melbourne's most respected investment-focused buyer agent, and AMA Victoria partner, take you “on site” to inspect and evaluate real case study properties, owned by investors, to assess their investment suitability and potential. The course draws on the expertise of acknowledged specialists in their field. Our experts on the bus comprise a solicitor, a mortgage expert, a building inspector, a property manager and impartial property advisors, who are all on hand to answer your property questions. Click here to learn more about the stops along the way.

This comprehensive course includes:



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