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This section houses curated resources for members looking for further reading and other ‘toolkit’ type articles to support professional learning and development. 

Resources are in 3 broad categories – longer, in-depth reads; shorter ‘how-to’ articles, and books and webinars for following up areas of interest.      

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How are these articles selected? 

Publication sources 

Most of the selected resources are publications from general leadership focussed institutions – such as Harvard Business school publications and resources from other professional development organisations, such as the Center for Creative Leadership. As such they are not tailored specifically to a medical or health audience. 

Rather, the selection showcases current thinking from highly respected experts and organisations in the field, and are definitely applicable to the leadership challenges facing medical professionals. 

This selection shares some of these resources – and provides information and links to how and where you can read and browse further. 

Selected authors  

The selected publications are by internationally recognised top leadership thinkers and researchers who work in higher education, professional development and research. Most articles are published in peer-reviewed journals and ranked as top thinkers in international rankings and that address the core questions: What is effective leadership? How can we successfully learn and develop these capabilities?  

What areas and topics in leadership are covered in these resources? 

We have curated this selection to address a series of core topics in leadership and leadership development. These authors and researchers examine – what does effective leadership look like and achieve (in individual leaders, teams and organisations). How can we develop ourselves, each other and our organisations as a whole to function effectively and achieve their purpose? 

The sequence of topics you will find resources on: 

General articles on leadership      

Leadership thinkers are increasingly focussing on the need to be flexible and fast-moving: Agile and adaptive. The situations leaders face – both day-to-day and more generally – are characterised by much uncertainty, change and ambiguity. To be effective, leaders need to expect that they will consistently need to adapt and change their processes and solutions and build the capacity in themselves and those around them to do this. These articles paint ‘the work of leadership’ against this backdrop. 


The self as an anchor 

These articles focus more on the characteristics of leaders, rather than the work of leadership. This focus draws more attention to the self, the person who is in the role of leader, and how they can use and strengthen this foundation to be more effective leaders. Core aspects of this are developing self-awareness, emotional agility and emotional intelligence for leadership.  

Teams and psychological safety 

Leadership is by definition a team product – there is no leader without followers. These articles look at things we can consider, team structures, processes and behavioural norms, that we can foster, to support effective teams, and leaders and their colleagues who can speak freely and engage in collaboration and collective problem-solving and decision-making. 

Professional relationships and networks


Mentors & Sponsors


Inclusive leadership


Strategic leadership 

Strategic thinking and planning is a core part of effective leadership. Leaders need to see the big picture and the road ahead, as well as be across much of the detail and day-to-day functioning. Improvement planning, analysing and evaluating current working, and being aware of the larger organisation and community needs and developments in the profession more generally are part of the senior leadership remit. These articles talk about strategy, and also the importance of building a diverse team around you – as no one leader can bring everything to the table. 

Continuous learning and learning organisations 

These articles build on some of the ideas introduced in the agile and adaptive leadership articles. They discuss the relevance of understanding how adults learn and develop, and how organisations can support learning and development more broadly 

Managing oneself and Self-care

These articles provide some insight into a range of topics that are part of life, and which can make work difficult and overwhelming at times. This is a look at how we can acknowledge and address the times when we, or our colleagues, are not well, or experience other difficult and traumatic things in their lives that impact work, and how we can support them, ourselves and the work when this happens. 


Leading and developing others  and mentorship

Developing others is a central part of leadership. Sometimes this may be through formal or informal roles such as supervisor or mentor, and other times it is more generalised in terms of thinking about particular talent, career progression, and creating learning opportunities and tasks to ‘stretch’ a high potential colleague and provide opportunities to learn and prepare for a next role. 

‘HOW TO’ articles 

The next set of articles is more about ‘HOW TO’ style articles. These have a more specific focus and they focus on more concrete skills and behaviours for enacting leadership effectively in particular situations or tasks. 

Leading exhausted teams

Crisis leadership and uncertainty 

Leadership strategy 

Trust and speaking up 

First time in management – and managing yourself and career progression 

Feedback – giving, receiving and seeking feedback effectively

Leading virtual teams and remote working 

Difficult conversations and conflict 

R U OK? Conversations



Talks, webinars and podcasts  





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