2022 Hospital Health Check Survey

AMA Victoria’s Hospital Health Check provides a snapshot of the experiences of Victorian doctors-in-training working in the public hospital system.

The survey helps AMA Victoria identify workplace and cultural issues within public hospitals across the state and to monitor and report on any progress and improvements.

The results of this survey allow AMA Victoria to advocate for you to your health services and to the Victorian State Government. The results can help inform trainees’ individual choices, assist grass roots advocacy and start conversations about the changes that are urgently needed within the workplace.

Your anonymity is important to us, so AMA Victoria will not publish or distribute responses or data that may potentially identify you as an individual. 

So, let’s get going

Use the link below to complete the survey. It should take no longer than 15 minutes.

Please complete the survey for your 2021 primary employer or a hospital where you have spent sufficient time in 2021. If you worked at multiple sites, you’ll have an option at the end of this survey to complete the survey again (via a different link) for a second site if you would like to provide feedback about them also.


The 2021 Hospital Health Check survey found that:

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