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Staff payments for working on a public holiday - Easter & ANZAC Day

This year the public holidays for Easter fall on Friday 14 April, Saturday 15 April, Sunday 16 April and Monday 17 April. Also coming up is ANZAC day on Tuesday 25 April.

Practice staff

Administrative employees working in a medical practice on a public holiday are to be paid at double time and half for all time worked. Nurses required to work in a medical practice on public holidays are to be paid at double time.

GP registrars 

According to the National Terms and Conditions of Employment of Registrars contract, if a registrar works on a public holiday, they should receive their normal pay and equivalent time off in lieu; or 150% of their ordinary hourly rate of pay or the agreed percentage of their billings/receipts, whichever is the greater (and no time off in lieu).

Employed doctors in public hospitals

A doctor required to work on a public holiday should be paid at double time and a half. Alternatively, the doctor can be paid at single time and have 1.5 days added to annual leave.

If you have any queries relating to public holidays, contact the AMA Victoria Workplace Relations Unit on 03 9280 8722 (AMA Victoria members and their practice staff only).

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