This 30 Minute coaching session is designed to support medical students who would like a targeted coaching session to review their resume for the intern application process. In this session we will work with you to review as much of your resume as we can within the time allocated. To get the most out of the session it is best to have your resume in the final draft stage. Please note we won't review the document prior to the session. Instead, we review the document collaboratively with you in the session, providing feedback on its current state, advising on suggested changes and enhancements (content and/or format) and highlight any gaps in information that we see. Resources will be provided after the session where necessary. 

The session will be conducted on Zoom. Be ready to share your resume with the consultant during the session or email it to [email protected] at least 15 minutes prior to the session.


Booking and costs

This product is valued at $104.50 including GST


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