Medical students are highly valued members of AMA Victoria. You are the next generation of doctors we will support and advocate for. As the principal voice advancing the Victorian medical profession and influencing policy makers, we wish to connect with you early in your career so we can represent you better in the future. We believe building a relationship with you from your first day of medical school is the best way to achieve this.

We understand the challenges and opportunities you face as a student. We know these can be different to those that present post-graduation. We work hard to support you to navigate these as you journey through medical school and transition to intern.

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Access student specific education sessions, career coaching programs and events through your free AMA Victoria student membership.

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Seize the Moment upgrade
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Are you thinking about your intern year?

Do you want to stand out during the intern application process?
Do you hope to move into the medical workplace with confidence?

Now is the moment to prepare.

AMA Victoria’s ‘Seize the Moment’ Program is specifically designed to prepare final year medical students for the intern application process and the intern year.

With a tailored series of one-to-one consultations and exclusive group masterclasses, carve your own path and thrive when your time as an intern arrives.

Don’t miss the moment. Limited spots available.

What's included

Event Type Student member Seize the Moment
'The medical system and me' Webinar
'The intern application process' Webinar
'Get it right'
Resumes and applications
'Are we ready?'
Finalising applications and preparing for interviews
'Into the thick of it'
The enterprise agreement and your conditions of employment
'Wellbeing' Webinar
'Career pathways' Webinar
'Make Your Move!' Event  Fees apply
‘Craft your resume’ 1:1
‘Nail your interview’ 1:1  Fees apply  Discounted fee
‘Love your cover letter’ 1:1  Fees apply  Discounted fee
'Build your professional brand' Workshop
'Stand out'
Cover letter writing
'Wellbeing' Masterclass
'Feedback 101
Embrace the power of feedback in the workplace
'Ask me anything'
Contracts, commencing work and other issues
'No hard feelings'
Manage interactions in the workplace
'Exercise your workplace rights' Masterclass
'Plan your career' 1:1
Fact sheets and resources  
$80 credit towards 2023 AMAV membership  
What's the difference between webinars, workshops, masterclasses and consultations? 

Webinars are online presentations designed to educate and inform. Inside the webinar, participants will listen to a presenter and view slides and other media – akin to a lecture.

Workshops are a more intensive group session designed to hone participants’ techniques and skills in a particular field. Workshops involves the participants’ active participation and application of skills, rather than solely listening to theory.

Masterclasses are a step up from webinars. This isn’t covering the basics. This is an opportunity to learn more and build on your already acquired knowledge of the area.

One-to-one (1:1) consultations are in-depth, personal discussions and tailored support relating to the participant’s individual needs. Consultations can be booked at time of convenience to you and are an opportunity to ask questions privately.

How we can assist you further

AMA Victoria’s professional development and careers team offer members a range of student specific career coaching consultations and programs designed to support students navigate the intern application process and to explore career options and pathways.

For resume and cover letter / application support, click here.*
For interview training, select Package 3 here.*

*Please note: You must be a student member to access AMA Victoria’s career coaching services.

During the year, members can also access a range of fact sheets to help prepare for your future career.

AMA Victoria collaborates with the Medical Student Council of Victoria (MSCV) and with the leadership teams of Victorian Medical school Societies, who represent you in our ‘Doctors in Training’ Subdivision and on AMA Victoria’s Council.

Our relationships with government, health services and training organisations/colleges ensures we are across the key issues impacting students/junior doctors and understand the landscape in which you work and train.

As a member of AMA Victoria, you are supported by a team of workplace relations advisors. Members can also access a range of fact sheets to help prepare for your future career.

AMA Victoria's wellbeing programs and resources are designed to offer year-round support to students.

Student members can access a range of membership benefits provided by AMA Victoria’s corporate partners. Explore what our partners offer our members here.

AMA Victoria offers students accurate, curated and timely information. Our delivery includes:

Doctor In training Facebook page: A community for Victorian junior doctors, providing news, insights and opinions around the issues faced by doctors-in-training.
Vicdoc: Our award-winning magazine contains news affecting the medical profession.
The Check-Up: Our weekly newsletter keeps you updated on current issues.
Stethoscope: Our blog helps members stay up to date on medical news and policy, expert opinions and profiles on people of interest in medicine.


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