Review into supervision requirements - your feedback needed

The Department of Health and Human Services has contracted the Ipsos Social Research Institute to investigate the requirements of supervision across professional associations, health services and education providers in Victoria. 

The Department has identified the Australian Medical Association Victoria as a stakeholder in this process.

All findings from this research will be used by the Department only. 

The Department is asking relevant stakeholders for short responses to the following questions:

1. Does your organisation/profession have any requirements for clinicians acting as supervisors of learners, at any stage of learning, in the clinical setting?
2. If there are minimum clinical experience requirements, what are they and on what basis have you set this standard?
3. If there is a minimum training standard for clinical supervisors, what is it, and on what basis have you determined the need for this minimum level?
4. Does your organisation provide training for clinicians who are acting as supervisors of learners in your discipline? (If yes, please provide contact details.)
5. Is your organisation aware of the National Clinical Supervision Competency Resource (developed by Health Workforce Australia)?   

6. Are your clinical supervision requirements informed by the Clinical Supervision Competency Resource?           

AMA Victoria is not in a position to answer these questions directly but can provide a more general response.

Ipsos Social Research will be accepting submissions until Friday 19th June.

Can you please send any input you would like included in this submission to no later than Sunday 14th June. 

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