Media release on supervised injecting facilities

Friday 8 September 2017


Dr Lorraine Baker stands by the statement she made before the Inquiry into Drug Law Reform regarding supervised injecting facilities.

Doctors and health care workers are put in regular danger resuscitating drug-users in order save lives in Victoria. AMA Victoria believes that supervised injection facilities are safer for the broader community, and there is strong evidence through the Sydney facility to support this.

“Lives are saved but at the same time dedicated health professionals lives are put at risk providing care they believe to be their moral duty. This is outrageous. We will not stop our advocacy.” says Dr Baker

Below is a transcript of the statement made by Dr Baker before the Inquiry into Drug Law Reform.


Dr Baker’s Statement

Dr BAKER: On supervised injection facilities, we will continue to be loud on that. We will not be silenced by the fact that government refuses to engage with it. Both sides — well, there are many sides of the political spectrum but neither of the two major parties has committed to that. We see that as a major stumbling block and one that we will keep trying to overcome. We will climb that block, we call from the top of that block about this, because what is happening is that there is a quasi-supervised injecting facility — you have called a safe environment for injection — which is already utilised in the car parks around the community health centre, which regularly provides resuscitation to people who overdose in the area.

The CHAIR: You are talking about Richmond?

Dr BAKER: We are talking Richmond, which is where we suggest that a pilot facility be established, because that is an area where drug seekers and drug users go to inject and use drugs because they know they will be more likely to survive a misadventure because of that informal, unrecognised, unfunded support service through the community health centre, which draws the resources of those doctors and their staff from delivering care to that community. It is shameful, it is a disgrace, and something should be done.

The CHAIR: We hear you


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