AMA shocked that 30% of parents are unsure if there is a link between autism and vaccines. There is not.

Wednesday 8 March 2017
The Australian Medical Association (Victoria) welcomed the release of the Royal Children’s Hospital poll regarding parents’ views on vaccinations. The medical profession is greatly concerned that 30% of Australian parents surveyed are unsure if there is a link between autism and vaccines. There is not.
Alarming statistics from the report included:

“This all reaffirms the harm caused by a false study published 19 years ago. In 1998, a UK doctor suggested there was a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. His study was soon discredited, the Lancet retracted the publication of the study, the doctor was struck off from the medical register for behaviour that was classified as “dishonest, unethical and callous”, and the British Medical Journal accused him of deliberate fraud. And yet in 2017, 30% of Australian parents remain unsure if there is a link. There is no link, and the medical profession must work harder to inform parents on the correct, truthful, scientifically accurate information regarding immunisation,” Dr Lorraine Baker, President of AMA Victoria, said today.

“AMA Victoria will be working with its members and the Victorian Government to dispel mistruths, false information and to promote the importance of vaccinations throughout the community,” Dr Baker said.

“In Australia, vaccines are safe. And they save lives. Everyone who can be vaccinated should be vaccinated, as this will prevent you – or your child – from contracting serious illnesses, such as measles, rubella, whooping cough, influenza and polio. These diseases still exist and are very harmful, and some of these can be fatal. Protecting yourselves protects those in the community who cannot be immunised for medical reasons,” Dr Baker said.

The RCH study also found that less than 1% (0.85%) of children have been refused care by “health care providers” because they were not up-to-date with their vaccines. The AMA is not aware of this happening in the medical profession and it is certainly not the policy of AMA Victoria. AMA Victoria is looking into this matter further.

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