Doctors in Schools Announcement

Thursday 1 September 2016
Statement in response to Premier Andrews' announcement on the Doctors in Schools program.
"AMA Victoria has met over recent months with the Department of Education, including the Minister for Education and Dr Jenny Premios, the medical adviser to the department, regarding the Doctors in Schools program," Dr Lorraine Baker, President of AMA Victoria, said today.
"AMA Victoria is pleased to have been consulted on its concerns including appropriate clinical settings and fragmented care.
"AMA Victoria will continue to work with the Government as this program is implemented in term 1 next year. We support the trial of any interventions that may lead to improved adolescent health and promotion of these young people’s engagement with general practice.
"The Minister for Education has confirmed that the operational policies are still being worked out, including parental consent and patient confidentiality, and the AMA will actively provide advice on these matters. In community practice, teenagers are able to see a GP without parental consent and patient confidentiality is upheld. We are reassured this program is not intended to substitute for established doctor-patient relationships.
"In addition to advising the government on clinical governance issues that need to be overcome with this program, AMA Victoria has also recommended the Dr Youth Education Service (Dr. YES), which is run with success interstate. This program trains medical students to deliver youth-friendly health promotion and health literacy on drugs and alcohol, sexual health and mental health.
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