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Service Entity Agreement

Doctors are choosing to run their practices in an increasing variety of ways – including forming a separate service entity to operate and maintain their practice premises, employ practice staff, and provide administrative, clerical and accounting services to the medical practitioners within that practice.

Service entity contracts may also allow for the provision of a suite of services to practitioners, such as:

The service entity structure is also advantageous for doctors as it can earn a commercial profit on the provision of services and create possible tax benefits for the doctors in the practice.

AMA Victoria’s pro-forma Service Entity Agreement governs the relationship between the service entity and each of the practitioners receiving services from the service entity, including the payment of fees to the service entity. It is designed to bind the service entity and each doctor individually, allowing for practitioners to enter and leave the practice without disturbing the arrangements between the service entity and other practitioners.

Purchasers receive a hard-copy draft agreement and an electronic Word version that can be tailored to individual needs.

AMA Victoria recommends that both parties obtain independent legal advice before entering into a service entity agreement.


AMA Victoria Members: $443.50* (inc. GST and postage)
Non members: $613.50* (inc. GST and postage)


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