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Associateship Agreement

Associateships are a popular business structure for many medical practitioners, as they allow doctors to carry on separate practices while sharing certain business-related expenses.

They also offer a large degree of independence, enabling doctors to work full- or part-time, are relatively simple and inexpensive to set up and maintain, and help avoid some of the possible pitfalls of practising in partnership.

AMA Victoria’s pro-forma Associateship Agreement can start you off with the right legal agreement – potentially saving you thousands in initial legal fees and reducing the potential for future disputes – so you can fully benefit from this form of independent practice with your colleagues.

It includes extensive commentary and detailed advice for adopting an associateship, as well as a draft agreement that can be tailored to the associateship’s specific needs, particularly in the event that services will be provided by a service entity.

Purchasers receive a hard-copy draft agreement and an electronic Word version that can be tailored to individual needs.

AMA Victoria recommends that each partner obtains independent legal advice before executing an associateship agreement.


AMA Victoria Members: $443.50* (inc. GST and postage)
Non members: $613.50* (inc. GST and postage)


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