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Doctors in Training: Registrar training time

Important information for all registrars in the Victorian public health service in or looking to commence training.

Training time is a very important benefit for registrars as it gives them paid time to complete their training requirements in order to become fully trained specialists and better doctors. The intention of the training time clause is for doctors to have access to five hours a week free from service.

The AMA Victoria DiT Agreement 2013 (the Agreement) will provide you with more details on what constitutes training time. In summary:

If you are not receiving your five hours off service training time as required above, the below process is recommended:

Raise this with your training supervisor in the first instance

Contact AMA Victoria on or call 9286 8700.

If you have any questions about this or other rights in the Agreement please contact the AMA Victoria Workplace Relations Team on (03) 9280 8722 or 

For your reference, please see below:

The clause from the agreement is below. You will see this has much detail about what constitutes training time. Please take the time to read and understand what this means for you.

11.24     Training time means: time dedicated for training that is free from service calls, with the exception of calls about genuine medical emergencies or disaster situations, as follows:

11.24.1 Training time is five (5) hours per week and it is expected that blocks of training time will be at least 30 minutes duration on each occasion.

11.24.2 Training time can include lectures, tutorials, other situations where formal teaching of the hospital registrar(s) occurs in a non-service situation, clinical meetings organised by a specialist or university staff equivalent for the purposes of training and education, personal reading and study, and research activities where a hospital or university staff specialist is directly involved in supervision and the results of the research are intended for publication. Grand (teaching) ward rounds can be included if specifically designed for teaching purposes and attended and run by an eminent medical person.

11.24.3 Where training time is interrupted due to a genuine medical emergency or disaster situation, then that period of interruption is not training time and must be reallocated.

11.24.4 Current training time protocols in hospitals should at least reflect the following factors:

the content of the training must be agreed between the doctor and the hospital and can be on or off site

(b)          blocks of training time must be identified in the roster

(c)           a doctor may agree to participate in unplanned or impromptu training opportunities which may be considered to be part of the doctor’s training time

(d)          any change to rostered training time shall be recorded in writing by the hospital

(e)          where practicable the hospital should implement procedures to limit the interaction a doctor has with other hospital employees and / or administrative obligations during allocated training time

(f)           hospitals should consider practises that assist in the provision of training time for the doctors who are rostered on nights or weekends.

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