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DiT Agreement 2013-2017

AMA Victoria's comprehensive web-based Agreement package provides easy-to-understand entitlement summary guides and ready access to employment-related AMA Victoria materials and services. This package is for the exclusive use of AMA Victoria members. 

In addition to the Agreement package, members also have access to the online Wage Calculator, which provides an instant assessment of whether a doctor in training is receiving the correct wage and entitlements. In combination, these two tools can assist doctors who suspect they are being underpaid or are missing out on key employment terms and conditions.  

This Agreement was achieved through the resources and mandate that your AMA membership provides. Your non-member colleagues also receive the benefits of this Agreement and should be encouraged to join AMA Victoria now.
For those DiT members who have transferred to a different health services in 2014, this template letter is intended to assist smooth delivery of their back pay.

Where DiT members believe a mistake has been made with their pay or wish to compare the value of the 2013 AMA agreement's benefits with the AMA agreement it replaces, DiTs will be able to use AMA Victoria's redesigned Wage Calculator to accurately reflect all of the new entitlements.

Members concerned about the correct application, or failure to receive, their pay increases should seek advice at an early stage from Workplace Relations on (03) 9280 8722.

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