About us

About us

About AMA Victoria

AMA Victoria is a member-funded, not-for-profit professional association that represents Victorian doctors.

AMA Victoria exists to:

AMA Victoria Senior Staff

Members have direct access to advice, support, services and representation from a team of professionals with expertise in legal, industrial relations, workplace relations, health policy and medical practice matters. 

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To contact an AMA Victoria Staff member please visit the Contact Us page. 

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AMA Victoria is guided by a Council of members nominated by AMA Victoria Subdivisions, AMA Fellows, and Affiliated Organisations including the learned colleges.

AMA Victoria is governed by 11 directors. At the May Special Council Meeting, the AMA Victoria Council elects members to the Board of Directors.

The AMA Victoria Subdivision program provides members with an opportunity to network with colleagues from across all disciplines of medicine, socialise and address medical issues of mutual concern, particularly regional issues, and a diverse range of topi...

A number of sections or medical special interest groups are affiliated with AMA Victoria. These provide members with the opportunity to participate in a range of activities relating to their specific medical practice interest.

The AMA Victoria Foundation was established to enable doctors to contribute funds to research and educations projects aimed at reducing, controlling and preventing non-communicable diseases.

Throughout the history of Victoria, AMA Victoria members have led the debate to achieve improvements in medical care.

We are committed to ensuring all Victorians have access to high quality health care through lobbying for improved services in the public system and guaranteed freedom of choice in the private system.

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